Making a life-saving difference to patients and their families

The Royal Melbourne Hospital patient James Bishop with Dr. Rose Shakerian

James Bishop was rushed to The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) a broken man. It started out as just an ordinary day for James running errands on his motorcycle, but when a car suddenly pulled out in front of him things took a turn for the worse. James was thrown 50 meters and left with broken bones in his face, ribs, collarbone, back, leg and pelvis. He also had significant internal bleeding requiring interventional radiology and multiple blood transfusions.

James was met at the RMH Emergency Department by an entire trauma team including emergency, consultants registrars, nursing staff, plus the surgical team, the anaesthetic team and radiographers. Everyone was working together to manage this severely injured patient.

James went through various departments at the hospital including radiology and orthopaedic surgery before spending a further ten days in the major trauma unit. He has since been discharged and is working towards a new goal of running the Melbourne Marathon this year. James’ amazing recovery is thanks to the dedicated team of professionals that looked after him.

This is just one story of the extraordinary work that’s happening every day at the RMH. As one of Australia’s busiest public trauma hospitals, access to this exceptional level of care is available to everyone, every day. We’re always there when it matters most.

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