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More than 1.5m Australians are believed to have diabetes, a chronic medical condition characterised by high blood glucose levels. Diabetes occurs when there is an inability of the body to produce adequate insulin and results in chronically elevated blood glucose. High blood glucose can lead to serious complications such as loss of vision, kidney failure, foot amputation, stroke and heart attack.

Since 1928 Diabetes is one of the most common conditions treated at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), and we are proud to be one of the first hospitals in Australia to treat patients using insulin therapy in dedicated clinics. Recently, the RMH Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology was ranked one of the top 30 Endocrinology Departments in the world, and ranked #1 in Australia, in a global survey conducted by Newsweek-Statista.

With 2021 marking the 100th anniversary of insulin discovery, RMH seeks your support to help treat patients like Hayley Klein – a young mum who has lived with diabetes for 23 years since her diagnosis at age 5.

Hayley has been a patient of the RMH for over 10 years and has experienced first-hand many life-changing developments. She says: “As medical science has advanced over the years, new technologies have given me the freedom and flexibility I need to live a fulfilling life – and I am just so grateful!”.

With the amazing support of her husband Justin, Hayley has given birth to two young sons. Her pregnancies were relatively smooth, however, she had to maintain tight control of her diabetes under the watchful eye of her specialist. “The introduction of the insulin pump has been absolutely life-changing,” said Hayley.

Every RMH Home Lottery ticket helps fund state of the art equipment, new treatments and world-class research, which helps us provide the very best care.

As one of Australia’s busiest public hospitals, we couldn’t do all of this and be available to help everyone, every day, without your ongoing support.