Live saving care!

On Friday 20 January 2017, eleven victims of the Bourke Street Mall tragedy were brought here to The Royal Melbourne Hospital for treatment.

Erin Shi was one of those patients having experienced the Bourke Street Mall tragedy in a unique way. Erin was out shopping with a friend, having just bought a handbag, when she stepped out onto Bourke Street. That’s all she remembers. Her next memory is waking up in her hospital bed, feeling very strange…. 25 days later. Remarkably, Erin pulled through against all odds.

Erin was critically ill, close to death and almost certain of permanent brain damage, but she made an incredible recovery thanks to the tireless work of the hundreds of ICU staff at The Royal Melbourne.

As she says herself: “The Royal Melbourne ICU is amazing. The equipment. The facilities. Everything is the best. And the doctors, the specialists and nurses. They all do the best job. They make miracles happen.”

Erin owes her life to the care she received from the RMH’s Intensive Care Unit. Feel proud when purchasing a Home Lottery ticket knowing you are helping patients like Erin during the fight of their lives.